Samos, Greece

Samos is located in the southern Aegean Sea just a stone’s throw from Turkey. A beautiful island with some of the most spectacular scenery in Greece including beautiful mountain villages, sandy/pebble beaches and stunning bays. This verdant island has also been home to the famous mathematician Pythagoras and astrophysicist Aristarco.

Located on the harbour, the island’s capital is rich in neoclassical buildings, old mansions, traditional taverns, not to mention the impressive marble lion statue in Pythagoras Square.

Whether you are exploring ancient cultural sites or relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea water in front of you, Samos will certainly not disappoint.

Samos is a lushly vegetated island located in the eastern Aegean between Chios and the islands of the Dodecanese. It is a watery island full of vineyards, olive groves and pine trees. It is very close to Asia Minor; the narrowest strait between Samos and Turkey is less than a kilometre and a half wide. Samos is a popular tourist destination because it has everything to offer. Samos is the largest North Aegean island after Lesvos and Chios. White sandy beaches, quaint villages, picturesque and cosy fishing ports characterise the Greek island. This large island is beautiful and green; it has the beautiful nature, mild climate and great archaeological interest.

Samos is also known for the sweet wine produced here, the world-famous Samos wine. Those who like a busy nightlife will have a great time on Samos, but those who like a quiet and relaxing holiday will also love it here. All together a tourist hub.

Klima bay

Klima Bay can be reached via the beautiful wooded mountain road that runs from Paleokastro to Posedonio. This road grants you regular fantastic views over the Aegean Sea towards Turkey.

After you take the exit to Klima Bay, you slowly but surely descend along a good road downwards.

This used to be a path for donkey transport only. The road ends at the sea where you will then immediately experience breathtaking views.

The residents of the bay are all Greek families who return to their summer homes in Klima around April/May.

Only to leave again in September/October towards their homes on the island or back to the mainland. Klima bay has a ‘fine’ pebble beach which slopes very slowly into the sea. There are also two traditional Greek taverns where you can have a good time.

In the evenings and at weekends, Greeks from the area flock there for drinks and snacks. This bay also has its own picturesque Greek Orthodox church built against the mountainside and is well worth a visit.